8 Easy-to-Find Solutions for Managing an Adhesive Allergy

8 Easy-to-Find Solutions for Managing an Adhesive Allergy


Sarah Flowers

7 months ago at 10:34 PM

If you have an adhesive allergy, post surgical care can be challenging. Hear from our community members about the best remedies to keep you safe and comfortable while you heal.

If you have an adhesive allergy or extra sensitive skin post-operation, it’s important to know what other options are available to cover your surgical wounds. Wounds heal better when covered and in a moist environment where new surface cells are able to survive.

A few non-adhesive options for wound coverage are:

  1. Roll Gauze: Depending on where the surgical wound is, you could use a roll gauze which doesn’t have any adhesive. Obviously, if the wound is somewhere like the middle of the chest or on your nose, this solution will not be helpful.
  2. Tegaderm: Some people find these transparent bandage films to be less irritating than traditional bandages.
  3. Patches Bandages: Patches Bandages are made out of bamboo and use no adhesive. Some of them have coconut oil or aloe vera infused so check the packaging of the kind you are purchasing to make sure you don’t have allergies to the other ingredients.
  4. Silicone Bandages or Silicone Scar Sheets: Silicone “ouchless” bandaids could be a good solution for you if you find that the roll gauze bandages isn’t the right size or you’re allergic to the other materials in the patches bandages.

Sometimes it’s not the adhesive that people are allergic to, but the creams that are used underneath. These are some alternatives to the regular antibiotic ointment if you find it’s causing a reaction, but as always check with your doctor before using any over-the-counter products to make sure it won’t interact with your other medication and treatments:

  1. Vaseline: Vaseline helps keep the moisture around the wound so it doesn’t harden into a scab. Moisture aids in the healing process.
  2. Tincture of Benzoin: If you’re allergic to adhesive, this can serve as both antibacterial ointment and adhesive for bandages like roll gauze.
  3. Raw Coconut Oil: Like vaseline, raw coconut oil can help lubricate the surface of the wound. It can also work as early scar treatment for the wound it covers.
  4. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has many good medicinal properties that can help aid in the healing of the surgical wound. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and like vaseline and raw coconut oil, it can keep the wound moist.

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airyn beitel

Hello, thanks for writing this article, unfortunately, you are incorrect about the Patches bandages being adhesive free. They are not. I used your link to look them up and it says right in their product description that they use non toxic adhesive, which while great, is still not always a solution for those with adhesive allergy. Tegaderm, mentioned in your article, usually not an issue for MOST people, also has non toxic adhesive, but for some, like myself, still are allergic to it unfortunately.

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Muhammad Sameer

This is really interesting. I have also heard that Aloe Vera has plenty of advantages. I will definitely share this article with my Family and Friends.

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Carlee Padgett

Coconut oil is a lifesaver. My skin breaks out over everything!

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Lucy Gidion

My skin is so sensitive. Thanks for sharing!

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Alyssa Sutherland

This is so helpful- I've had some annoying reactions to adhesives.

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