Privacy Policy

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Our Mission

OneVillage believes that cancer patients should have easy, on-demand access to content, tools, products and services that add choice, control, and convenience to their daily lives. The community around them should be able to help by pooling their time and resources in a coordinated, tech-enabled way. We also envision giving patient the opportunity to learn about and participate in cancer research.

One Village

  • Aggregates all the relevant tools, content, products and services that a patient and their caregivers and supporters need.

  • Allows patients to find local professionals specializing in cancer treatment and care, and to read other patients’ reviews.

  • Enables patients to plan for their treatment needs and channel gift spending into things that make their day-to-day life easier (rides to the doctor, house cleaning, prepared meal delivery, dog walking) or donations to a cancer charity of choice.

  • Provides a curated eCommerce platform that offers a dignified, practical, stylish, and modern take on apparel, wigs, and other specialty items a patient needs during and after treatment.

Why Privacy Matters?

Knowing certain things about each of you will help us enable you to use our platform, deliver our services better, and support our advertisers who make OneVillage possible. But this doesn't serve as a mandate to collect your data without bounds. We strive to be extremely respectful with what we collect and are constantly pushing ourselves to a higher standard with regards to privacy.

First, how do we get information?

We collect personal information from anyone who interacts with our services, including website visitors, app users, patients, family members, and caregivers, as well as merchants and health and wellness partners.  These individuals may provide information about themselves (e.g., patients who sign up for the platform) as well as about each other (e.g., patients who provide information about friends and family members to invite them to use the platform, or review our health or wellness partners).

We collect this information when:

  • You sign up to use our services and create an account with us.

  • You interact with us and others on the platform.

  • You make a purchase on our website (your transaction and billing information).

  • You register for newsletters (your email address and topics you're interested in).

  • You complete a survey or review.

  • You communicate with us.

  • When you visit our website, open an email, or use our mobile app, we use cookies, pixel tags and other technology to understand how you interact with OneVillage. This includes information like what type of a device you're using, and which links you open. We may use this information to tailor content and advertising we display to you during your visit. We can also use it to, for example, tell Facebook that one of its users uses OneVillage.

  • You use our mobile app. We may collect your location information if you have set your device settings to share location with our mobile app.

We also get information from data providers and publicly available sources. If you are a merchant or a health and wellness partner, we may obtain information from around the web as well as from data providers in order to give our patients recommendations for products and services they may be interested in.

So, here are some of the key things OneVillage does with your data:

  • First and foremost, we use your information to provide OneVillage services to you, including to deliver content and recommendations, to allow you to create and fulfill a Wishlist and shop at our store, to connect you with wellness and health care professionals, and to provide you with advice and support.

  • We communicate with you to provide support for our platform, and to respond to your requests, questions, and feedback.

  • We may remove your name and email address from your information and combine it with other users’ information to make information for statistics. Which OneVillage services are our users taking advantage of the most? What products are our users buying? How often are users visiting our website and mobile application?

  • We customize the content and advertising you see.

  • We help advertisers understand who views their ads on OneVillage. How many users viewed the ads? Did users’ engagement with the ads vary based on where the ad was placed on the website, mobile app or in a newsletter?

  • If you register with OneVillage, we may market our services to you based on a combination of the information you provide to us, the information we collect via cookies and other technology, and information about you we may get from data providers. We also use cookies and pixel tags on our sites to tailor advertising and content we display to you on OneVillage.

  • If you make a purchase on our Wishlist, we may pass some of your information to the merchant to enable them to process the transaction and to let them know that OneVillage referred you.

  • We may share your information with advertising providers (when we use cookies and other technology, these advertising providers may collect information directly from you for advertising), and service providers (but only to help us run our business, like to manage our users’ contact information). We may also share your information as part of a transaction (like a merger) or bankruptcy, or in connection with legal issues or violations of this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use.

  • We may share your information with advertising providers (when we use cookies and other technology, these advertising providers may collect information directly from you for advertising), and service providers (but only to help us run our business, like to manage our users’ contact information). We may also share your information as part of a transaction (like a merger) or bankruptcy, or in connection with legal issues or violations of this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use.

 What we don’t do:

  • Track your activity on sites that are not owned by OneVillage.

  • Sell personally identifiable information to any third parties.

  • Collect personal information from children under the age of 13. If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under 13 without the consent of the child’s parent or guardian as required by law, we will delete it.

Remember, you have choices

  • You can always opt out of any newsletter or promotional email by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email. We might still send you some important emails, like responding to you by email if you send us a request or comment.

  • If you don't want your browser to accept any cookies, you can change your browser settings, BUT the OneVillage services may not function properly. FYI, OneVillage does not respond to any Do Not Track signals that your browser may send. Read more: “Your online tracking choices”; Advertising Choices; Do Not Track Signals.

  • You can change your mobile device settings to stop sharing location information with our mobile app.

  • Access. You can request a copy of the personal information that we have collected about you during the past 12 months. 

  • Correction. You can request that we correct the information we maintain about you.

  • Deletion. You can ask us to delete the personal information that we have collected from you.

How do we protect your data?

We use a number of technical, organizational and physical safeguards designed to protect your personal information. However, no security measures are failsafe and we cannot guarantee the security of your data.

For Our Users Outside of the US

OneVillage is a US-based organization, so we apply US law to our privacy practices. This means that wherever you are in the world, this Privacy Policy will apply to the information you provide to us or we collect when you use OneVillage services. Your personal information may be transferred to the United States or other locations where privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your state, province, or country.

For Our California Users

We do not sell personal information. Like most companies, we use cookies and other tracking tools to analyze website traffic and facilitate advertising. If you would like to opt out of our (and our third-party advertising partners’) use of cookies and other tracking technologies, please review the instructions provided in the “Your online tracking choices” section below. We may also share your information at your direction, as we explain in the Privacy Policy.

Your Online Tracking Choices

Like many companies online, OneVillage uses services provided by third parties that help deliver targeted ads to you. Your choices for opting out of these companies' use of your personal information for interest-based advertising include:

  • Blocking cookies in your browser. Most browsers let you remove or reject cookies, including cookies used for interest-based advertising. To do this, follow the instructions in your browser settings. Many browsers accept cookies by default until you change your settings. Learn more about cookies here.

  • Blocking advertising ID use in your mobile settings. Your mobile device settings may provide functionality to limit use of the advertising ID associated with your mobile device for interest-based advertising purposes.

  • Using privacy plug-ins or browsers. You can block our site from setting cookies used for interest-based ads by using a browser with privacy features, like Brave, or installing browser plugins like Privacy Badger, Ghostery or uBlock Origin, and configuring them to block third party cookies/trackers.

  • Platform opt-outs. The following advertising platforms offer opt-out features that let you opt-out of use of your information for interest-based advertising: 

  • Advertising industry opt-out tools. You can also use these opt-out options to limit use of your for interest-based advertising by participating companies:

Since many of these opt-out tools are specific to a device or browser, you will need to opt out on every browser and device that you use.