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Corinna Underwood

19 months ago at 3:58 PMJune 21, 2022 at 3:58 PM

Not into wigs but want to protect your scalp? These easy-to-use cotton cancer caps are a great alternative for cancer headcovers. Alternative cute hats for cancer patients!


This Dublin corduroy tweed newsboy hat for women is a perfect fall and winter hat for cancer patients and women with medical hair loss!

A great choice in chemo headwear because of its stylish look and comfortable fit.

Fully lined for comfort with full coverage over the ears and neckline makes this classic fall fashion hat a great chemo hat for women that will not slip on a bald head.

This classic newsboy hat or cabbie cap has 6 pie-shaped sections on top for shape and fullness, a short 2 inch bill and a cute button accent of either side.

Covered elastic at the neckline for a secure fit as a chemo cap for women with small to medium heads, 21.5" to 23" as measured around the hair line.

A cute, fashionable women's hat that's soft and comfy for chilly fall days. 100% polyester, cotton feel. All the beauty and style of a classic wool newsboy hat without the itch!


Materials: Corduroy

Closure: Button

Fit: Head sizes 21" to 22"

Weight: 3.5 ounces

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