Cryotherapy Gloves

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23 months ago at 3:58 PMJune 21, 2022 at 3:58 PM

To protect the hands and feet during chemotherapy, frozen gloves and socks are designed to reduce the amount of drug flowing through their vessels, limiting the injury to local peripheral nerves. Many patients pre-freeze these socks and take them with them to chemo sessions to reduce their chances of neuropathy, or loss of sensation in the hands and feet.


Find natural pain relief for your hands by using ice packs or heat gel packs!

These gloves are made with plush fabric for a soft and comfortable touch.

100% leak-proof durable nylon gel packs on each side of the glove can be removed easily, allowing you to machine wash the gloves, providing you a clean and hygienic experience at every use.

These ice gloves for your hands effectively apply cold or hot compression. Larger than most other gel gloves, these are designed to fit the average person with a length of 11.4 inches and a width of 6.3 inches.

The glove design provides full 360˚ comfort!


Size: 1 set with 4 gel packs, 2 gloves, and 1 storage bag

Material: Gel, Nylon

Brand: Hilph

Color: Dark Blue

Package Dimensions: 9.37 x 6.57 x 3.31 inches

Package Weight: 2.63 pounds


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Melanie Jones

Trust me, anything you can do to prevent neuropathy you're going to thank yourself for. Invest in the gloves.

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Sid Mahoun

Ice pack therapy was the only thing that helped my mom. She used to have such terrible pain in her feet and hands after chemotherapy and nobody was telling us what to do. My dad researcheed actual cryotherapy but its so expensive, so we found gloves like these that she would wear at least once a day. It's so hard to watch your loved ones be in pain

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Jill Kyle

These look funny but really do the trick

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Ashley Smith

I just read the reviews on Amazon for these and they are pretty good. I have been looking for a glove to take with me to my cancer center. I have a friend who ended up with neuropathy following treatment and am doing anything I can to avoid the same path! Don't know if these will help or not but it's worth a try!

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