Meet Patient, Molly M.

May 03, 2021
Meet Patient, Molly M.

Molly was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016 after experiencing a seizure in a coffee shop. Many tests and MRI’s later, the tumor was determined to be cancerous and required surgery and treatment. 

“I had fun with some of the tests, somehow,” Molly laughed as she explained. “I would do the Wada test again if it weren’t so dangerous, but I hated the neuro-psych exam because it was just a full day of like, SAT questions.” 

Recovering well post-surgery, Molly began radiation and chemotherapy treatment, where she developed a strong relationship with her entire neuro-oncology team, who worked with her on continuing their brain cancer research. 

Molly now advocates for brain cancer awareness on Twitter with the hashtag #BTSM, a hashtag made and used by the brain cancer community. “Sense of community is huge,” says Molly. “The people there are the biggest help to me, just amazing and so smart. Passing on our experiences like that can really be helpful for many.” 

Now, Molly has reached a stable condition and has reduced her MRI check-ups to once every 6 months. Her goal now is to live the best time of her life each moment, since you don’t know what the next day will bring.


For Molly, her cancer experience was:  


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