Heated Foot Warmer

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Corinna Underwood

14 months ago at 3:58 PM

Stay warm all over by starting with your feet! If socks aren't enough, use this heated foot warmer to stay extra cozy on the couch, in bed, or at the hospital. With a auto-shut-off for safety, this is a luxury every cancer patient needs.


Designed to warm cold feet! This cold feet warmer can save your cold feet from poor circulation, arthritis and cold weather, helping your body relax. It's prefect to help sore muscles, ease chronic pain, increase blood circulation, and can even relax spasms. If you need, this electric heated foot warmer can also keep your back, shoulder, abdomen, waist, arms or legs warm too!

With fast heating technology, the electric heated foot warmer begins to warm within a few seconds. Dense heating coils contribute evenly to heat intensively. It is a perfect gift for Dad, Mom, your family and friends!

Our electric heated foot warmer has 3 different heat settings, ranging from 40 to 65℃ (104°F to 149 °F). 3 optional heat settings with a timer function provides 2H auto shut off. This heating pad comes with auto-off when the temperature is over 65℃(149°F) or timed out, which is very safe and energy saving.

Both sides are constructed from ultra plush flannel that is exceptionally durable and warm, provides great heat performance and ultimate comfort. Only the bottom has heating wires (for safety) but the soft and thick flannel cover will keep heat inside the pad and make you feel warm too.

The flannel cover can be detached, which makes it easy and convenient to clean. You can detach the cord and wash the heating pad by hand or by machine by following the guide on User Manual. Before cleaning, always remove the mains plug from the socket first.

Use at home while relaxing on the chaise lounge, laying flat on your bed or working in the office, this foot warmer heating pad is always your sweet partner, making the day full of warmth and energy.

Aside from dry heat, the heating pad can be used for moist heat therapy. To use, dab a wet sponge or use a spray bottle to apply a fine mist to the pad, then place the moist side against the body. Make sure not to spray or damp the control and pad connector.


Size: 16-inch wide and 16 inches deep. Fits most men and women.

Package List: 1 x Electric heating feet warmer, 1 x Controller with power cord, 1 x Instruction manual

Heat Settings: 3 settings, warm, medium and high.

Package Dimensions: 12.09 x 3.74 x 2.72 inches

Package Weight: 1.19 pounds

Manufacturer: GOFOIT

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