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5 months ago at 3:58 PM

As a mastectomy patient, finding clothes that are comfortable, flattering and accommodate drains can be difficult. This inexpensive shirt with drain holders is the perfect option for recovering at home or in the hospital, with drain holders and an easy button-up front.


This medical mastectomy shirt was designed to provide absolute comfort, privacy, and convenience - with internal pockets that hold up to four surgical drain bulbs (two on each side, this top will conceal and securely hold surgical bulbs.

Patients needing support for post mastectomy recovery, breast augmentation recovery, breast reduction recovery, breast reconstruction recovery, breast surgery recovery, and more can use this recovery shirt to heal in style.

This premium fabric has a soft, flexible feel you'll be able to comfortable sleep in. A great gift for a loved one preparing for breast surgery of any kind.


Materials: Polyester / Rayon / Spandex

Closure: Snaps

Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

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