Hard Candy Lemon Drops

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Corinna Underwood

14 months ago at 3:58 PM

Hard candies are a cancer patient essential... these 100% naturally lemon flavored hard candy drops are delicious and convenient when you need fast relief from a bad taste in your mouth.


Lemon flavored hard candy can help refresh your mouth after unpleasant tastes. These 100% naturally lemon flavored hard candy are a delicious candy to bring with you to chemotherapy treatment for if nausea overtakes you.

Naturally flavored from California lemons, these lemon drops are fat free and small enough to pack in any bag.

Also available in Sassafras, Horehound and Wild Cherry flavors.


Flavor: Lemon

Brand: Claeys

Weight: 6 ounces

Allergen Information: Fat-Free

Package Weight: .18 kilograms


Last activity by Kathy Lahug


Kathy Lahug

These are great to deter nausea!

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Heidi Denton

My mom LOVED these during her treatments, always used to pick up a bag at the drug store before every treatment.

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Dan Johnson

My wife packs these for me during my chemo days, and I don't know if I like them because they are a way to pass the time or what but I do think that having a hard candy, especially this one because the taste is so prominent, is a big help

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Anne Young

These are my favorites too! 🙌

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Alyssa Sutherland

Totally agree, loved these drops. I also used to have some sort of a ginger drop as well but the lemon always took away some of the strange acrid tastes I would get.

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Maria Johnson

Is it bad that I love these even though I'm not on chemo at the moment?😂

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Janet Cuccio

These are an ESSENTIAL for any chemo bag. Something about the taste of these little candies was just what I needed to offset the metallic taste I would get during chemo. I have also heard a lot of people like ginger chews as well, but these lemon flavored candies were always my go to.

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