NatraCure Cold Therapy Mitts

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Corinna Underwood

14 months ago at 3:58 PM

Chemotherapy can cause debilitating nerve damage, pain, and tingling as a side effect but these cold therapy gloves may help! Wear these during chemotherapy to reduce painful nerve side effects.


NatraCure Cold Therapy Mitts are the perfect, fast solution to help relieve pain and discomfort from conditions like chemotherapy and arthritis to soothe and cool painful, tired, aching and overheated hands.

The gel packs also offer warming comfort for muscle pain, cramps, and cold hands and fingers. Use cold to help with pain and inflammation, or heat to relax muscles and help increase circulation. Easy to put on and stays secure around your wrists. Chill or heat as you prefer. Starts working as soon as you put it on.


Size: Large/XL

Material: Polyester Blend

Brand: NatraCure

Package Dimensions: 12.17 x 6.77 x 2.72 inches

Package Weight: 2.95 pounds


Last activity by Heidi Denton


Heidi Denton

I used these mits during chemo and I can't tell you how glad I am that I invested the time and money in doing it. I didn't end up with neuropathy at all in my hands or feet, and I ended up keeping most of my hair as well thanks to cold capping. Highly recommend researching cyrotherapy for anyone just starting out with chemo

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Sid Mahoun

I didn't do cryotherapy as I was afraid of the extra cost of the equipment. I have neuropathy in my feet now, and although I don't know whether cryotherapy would have helped in the end I regret not trying it

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Ashley Yesayan

Lots of great gloves like these on the market, this one comes highly recommended by a number of our members who say that it is particularly long lasting, and usually does't need to be refreshed during the treatment.

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Janet Cuccio

I did cold capping and supplemented it with these gloves which I got on Amazon. I started my cryotherapy almost from day 1 so I can't tell you what the results would have been like otherwise but I will say that I have only very minimal issues with neuropathy so either way I'm very glad I did it

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Jill Kyle

I have been considering doing cold capping, and am also hearing a lot about cyrotherapy for chemo. Has anyone tried it? Would love to hear what other people's experience has been with this.

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Elizabeth Cleveland

Ok if anyone currently going thru chemo has any questions on whether you should buy these or not, go on Amazon and read the reviews! I can't say enough good things about these, they were a lifesaver for me and I believe were a huge help in limiting the neuropathy I'm dealing with now following treatment.

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