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What people say

Amanda C.

I am so grateful for the community and friendships that I am building through OneVillage. Thank you for providing a place for people that don’t have a local community to connect with people that actually understand what this is like.

Wendy J.

It was so stressful for me when people kept asking what they could do to help, and I didnt have an answer to give them! The Wishlist was a game changer. It helped me get the help I needed with laundry, cleaning, and specialty items, and it also allowed my friends and family members to feel involved too. Thank you OneVillage!

Elizabeth C.

I had no clue what I needed for my mastectomy, and didn’t know anyone who had been through it before to ask. I was so relieved when I found so many great recommendations from other patients and immediately put them on my WishList to keep track of them all.

Real Life Stories

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Meet Survivor, Dr. Jake

Dr. Jake is a Stage 4 Lymphoma survivor, a doctor, and a member of our Medical Review Board. He's a traveler, researcher, foodie, and fierce advocate for the cancer community.
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