Adjustable Mastectomy Drain Holder Drainage Pouch with Shower Bag

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Corinna Underwood

17 months ago at 3:58 PM

Support your body and maintain comfort and freedom after your cancer surgery, augmentation, or reconstruction. This mastectomy drainage pouch has an adjustable personalized fit, comfortable and breathable pouch, and comes with dual drain pockets and a women’s shower bag.


This Mastectomy drainage pouch was designed to help support your body and hold drain bottles safely after undergoing cancer surgery as well augmentation or reconstruction. It helps provide a breast cancer mastectomy patient with comfort and freedom of movement while securely holding drains tube in place.

The mastectomy drainage pouch with waist belt has two separate pouch can be used to hold drain bottles safely. The protective design of the bag also features a protective cover to ensure bottles don't slip out at night and allow this drain carrier pouch apron to be worn under a long shirt and your drains are hidden. Every mastectomy drainage pouch includes a white mesh bag gives freedom for showering.

Solution for your post-surgical drains in and out of the shower. Because of the open mesh design, the water just runs through. They are easy to clean, dry and reuse.Intended to be worn around the waist but can be tied behind the neck, or convert in cross body bag, depending on your surgery. The drain carrier pouch for daily use made with breathable soft fabric. Providing ultimate comfort and recovery care, moisture-wicking and comfort.

They can hold bottles day and night and won't irritate the skin or bother you, providing breathable support. The drainage pouch waist belt and white shower bag neck strap are both have the adjustable sliding buckles for personalized fit. Drainage pouch waist belt with high-elastic stretch band provides more freedom; shower bag neck strap made use the bra strap allow you to adjust length.


  • Waist Belt: 27 9/16" ~ 43 5/16"
  • Each pouch: 6" * 6 1/2"
  • White shower pouch neck strap:
  • Strap: 29" ~ 55"
  • The pouch: 11 1/2" * 6 1/2"
  • Each pouch: 6" * 6 1/2"


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Luke Smith

This looks like a nice gift to add to my basket for my mom's upcoming surgery!

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Amanda Pool

Love the adjustable fit on this!

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Elizabeth Cleveland

The drain bottles aren't glamorous or easy to know how to handle. This look so functional!

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